Message from the Principal

Education has been and will always be the key to development of any nation. For a country like ours, it poses even more significances as there is urgent need of nation building by capacitating the youth through practical education with global orientation. Considering such need, Welhams College has been established to impart knowledge in the most practical manner.

I personally believe that education can only make sense if the educators and the students make sense of the real life implication of the things that they are teaching and learning. Welhams actively advocated and applies this concept of learning and hence encourages active participation from both students and teachers in understanding the applications of the things that they discuss in the classroom. Therefore, classroom becomes a place to stretch their brains to the maximum level so that a discernable outcome can be reached in the form of positive behavioral changes and appreciation of the studies.

Lastly, I welcome all the students to our humble institution where your aspirations are nurtured, confidence boosted and valuable additions are brought to your personal lives.

  • Dr. Ratna Kamal Vaidya