Message from the CEO

A college should be a fun place to be like any learning institution. If learning becomes fun and you feel freedom while at the college, there is no burden and it all becomes so easy. Without knowing, learning comes naturally. Hence at Welhams, we work more on the process of knowledge delivery creating the right environment for just that.

Developing the right culture is essential to making an environment conducive for learning. The faculty members and students as well as the college staff should work together to build such environment. Culture of learning and constantly exploring new horizons is all the more important to inculcate  learning through fun. Although ‘learning through fun’ might sound a kindergarten slogan, I strongly believe that it applies for any age and any background. We provide learning opportunities through exposing the students to the real life scenarios so that instead of students looking for solutions from teachers, they discuss solutions with each other and the teachers. Indeed, discussions are the key to developing such culture.

I graciously welcome all the higher education aspirants and look forward to creation of new ventures and exemplary works from all of them.

  • Mr Abhay K. Shrivastav